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Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to promote devotion to Lord Krishna, promote Pushti marga and sanathana darma , serve humanity, preserve Vedic culture, and embrace inclusivity and diversity. We believe that by following these principles, we can help people lead fulfilling and meaningful lives and contribute to a better world for all.


Goswami Haveli is a spiritual organization founded with the aim of promoting the ancient Vedic culture of India and providing a path for spiritual growth to people from all walks of life. The following is our mission and philosophy:

Devotion to Lord Krishna: Our primary aim is to promote devotion to Lord Krishna, who is considered the supreme personality of Godhead in the Vedic scriptures. We believe that by developing a personal relationship with Lord Krishna, one can experience a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment and joy.

Promotion of Bhakti Yoga: We believe that Bhakti Yoga, which involves the cultivation of love and devotion towards God, is the most effective means of attaining spiritual enlightenment. Our programs and services are designed to help people develop a deeper understanding of Bhakti Yoga and integrate it into their daily lives.

Service to Humanity: We believe in the principle of selfless service, or Seva, and are committed to serving humanity in various ways. We offer a range of social programs, including education, healthcare, and disaster relief initiatives, to help those in need and promote social welfare.

Preservation of Vedic Culture: Our mission is to preserve the ancient Vedic culture of India and promote its teachings to the wider world. We believe that the Vedic culture holds valuable insights into the human experience and provides a framework for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Inclusivity and Diversity: We welcome people from all backgrounds and believe in celebrating diversity. We believe that spirituality is a universal path that can be practiced by people of all races, genders, and religions.

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